*me pointing to fictional character* they’re nonbinary

*fandom crying voice* no… that’s impossible… they cant be nonbinary………. Stop….. theres no proof…… their pronouns arent neutral………. they never said they are Not Cis….. please stop talking about nonbinaries…….. you’re wrong…… stop saying this fake thing….

*me pointing to fictional character* luv that nonbinary person

turn-signal asked:

I feel like people criticize DC hardcore for the shitty things they do (as they should!! -- for example whitewashing, lack of diversity/representation, sexism in marketing, etc) but then they turn around and pretend like Marvel is the shining example of diversity when that post you reblogged awhile ago proves otherwise. It's like just because Marvel is the more popular company, people ignore the shit they do. (Just to clarify I think both companies should be held accountable by their fans.)

Anonymous asked:

Many people think that Grantaire and Enjolras like each other as more than friends. I think that there is some minor implication of it, but not enough to go around raving about how they "should totally be a couple" like some readers do. I found the fact that they died together a powerful demonstration of their bond either way and it is clear that Grantaire admires Enjolras greatly, but is this enough to claim romantic attraction between the two?

ok this ask kind of rubs me the wrong way because people will claim two straight people have romantic attraction just because they know each other and obviously a man and a woman cant possibly just be friends they have to be in a relationships, yet will go leaps and bounds to deny a relationship between two people of the same gender

so yeah i think people can say enjolras and grantaire should totally be a couple

aulula asked:

If I remember it well, in the book Enjolras has no canon sexuality but it is stated that he isn't interested in girls because he's too passionate about the revolution to care about romance. So when you read the book tbh you can mostly headcanon him as asexual it's heavily implied but he could also be gay, as Hugo states nothing about boys, just that he isn't interested in girls. Hope this helps

oh right, thanks for clearing that up! so basically dont headcanon him as straight/pan then if he’s not interested in women